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Introducing the Reverse Referral


 Watch This First:

Done-For-You Real Estate, an Investment Solution
Generate an extra $5,000 - $10,000 in Qualified Revenue In 3 months!
Increase Your Transaction Income Residually... Done For You!

Presenter: Kevin Clayson

Done For You Real Estate Co-Founder

Presenter: Steve Earl

Done For You Real Estate CEO
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The Opportunity is NOW To Unlock Perpetual, Residual, Transaction Profits... Done-For-You!

We are pleased to introduce a new eXp Trusted Solution provider, Done For You Real Estate (DFY). This new eXp endorsed Solution seamlessly integrates a real estate investment arm into your existing business. This upcoming introductory presentation will demonstrate how you can harness the power of done-for-you real estate investing without lifting a finger. We will cover:
Strategy #1:
"How to generate (and convert) high quality leads with a Done-For-You Real Estate investment arm."
Strategy #2:
"How to boost your monthly commissions, and generate a constant stream of transaction income."
Strategy #3:
"How to unlock perpetual commissions by capitalizing on this 'new economy'  transaction opportunity."
In this value-packed presentation, you'll discover how to effortlessly add transactions to your business, increase your profits, and stand out as an investment property expert. With this new eXp Solution you can "do more deals, make more money" without having to show a single home, host an open house, research properties, or submit offers. As eXp's only official Solutions Provider for single-family investment properties, this Done-For-You system provides you with an unparalleled advantage in the competitive real estate market.
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